Evaluation of 3rd level Access Programmes in Dublin

T. Fleming, A. Gallagher (NUI Maynooth): Power, Privilege and Points: The Choices and Challenges of Third Level Access in Dublin (launch date 8th May 2003)

Access to Third Level Education by people from disadvantaged areas has been increasingly to the fore in recent years, given both the international debate on the issue and the success of a range of local initiatives in Dublin during the 1990s. This is an issue of particular concern in Dublin, where third level participation trends lag significantly compared to other OECD capital cities, and is the second lowest in Ireland.

A concerted approach to promoting access became a goal of government in 1999 with the launch of The New Deal - A Plan for Educational Opportunity and subsequently the development of access programmes both at the local level and within third level institutions.

In the context of this range of innovation and increasing integration of local and college-based programmes, the DEP Education and Employment Working Group decided it was time to take stock and examine the programmes which had developed. The result is this comprehensive review and analysis, which also includes a series of recommendations towards a model of best practice.

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