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Our Activities
Policy initiatives, pilot programmes and other activities of Dublin Employment Pact occur across four strategic policy areas. Ongoing current actions under the four strategy areas are as follows:

01. Social inclusion strategies for the Dublin Region
Development of regional Dublin-wide strategies. These include, for example, a comprehensive Employment & Skills Strategy, a strategy for ICT inclusion, joint social policy initiatives with the Dublin Regional Authority, piloting of innovative projects across Dublin partnership areas, building the capacity of the social economy, joint policy development with other regional, national and European networks (e.g. European Anti-Poverty Network, Eurocities, MetropolisNet, Social Polis, etc.), and interacting with policy forums such as the National Economic and Social Council (NESC), the Oireachtas Committee on Enterprise Trade and Employment, the National Employment Action Plan process, DG Employment at the European Commission etc.
Dublin Employment & Skills Strategy Supporting Voluntary Activity
Dublin Strategy for Social Enterprise DEP Dissemination Work
Social Inclusion Policy Networks  
02. Integrated labour market initiatives in Dublin
Targeting disadvantage and inequalities in the labour market in both policy and practice, through practical programmes such as Equal at Work (2004-07). This programme involved 55 partner organisations from the public, private and community sectors across the Dublin region, and aimed to widen labour market access by tackling barriers in existing recruitment,advancement and human resource management practices. It has since won EU and national acclaim as a model of its kind.
Equal at Work: access to employment through open HR systems Integration of New Communities
European Project Applications DIGNITY – interventions for victims of sex-trafficking in Ireland
Dublin Community ICT Initiative SeniorForce: Mobility for Older Workers in the EU
03. Enhancing community sector capacity in Dublin
Networking local development and local enterprise initiatives to increase entrepreneurial activity and enterprise (self employment) development among disadvantaged communities. Also, promoting social finance and the social enterprise sector.
Community Sector Employers’ Forum (CSEF) Dublin Partnership Learning Network
04. Innovative Education and Skill initiatives in Dublin
Networking local education actors to define the key issues, and developing and implementing activities promoting educational participation, particularly in relation to early school leavers in employment, former prisoners, etc. Also, developing models of good practice through pilot projects in the area of upskilling of low- skilled workers. The major programmes of DEP under this heading in 2008 were Learning at Work and Skills for Work, which, with the support of FÁS, Dept. Education, the VECs and six local partnerships, successfully reached over 700 low-skilled workers across a range of employments, assisting them to upskill to FETAC levels 5-6.
Learning @ Work Skills for Work

Archive: Innovative activities 1998-2004

Research programmes, policy development initiatives, mainstream and pilot projects carried out through Dublin Employment Pact over this period can be accessed here:

Dublin Employment Pact activities 1998-2004