Dublin Employment Pact
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Impacting on European Policies and Practices

Since 2001 the Pact has been involved in a number of European networks with the aim of developing Dublin links with other European cities, impacting on policy developments at the EU level and introducing innovative ideas from other European cities to Dublin. These include participation in MetroNet, a network of large-city employment pacts, and active membership of the Social Welfare Committee and Education Committee of Eurocities, an organisation of over 150 European cities.


European Employment Strategy:
Opinion of the Committee of the Regions on the European Employment Strategy (adopted by the CoR, March 2002)
Key documents on the European Employment Strategy


Eurocities Social Welfare Committee
Eurocities Education Policy Working Group
Cities Action against Social Exclusion (joint project together with Dublin City Council and other partners on innovative city-level projects)
Eurocities Disability Employment Working Group


Explanatory brochure on MetroNet
AVALON - Added Value of Local Networks


Equal at Work: The DEP Dublin EQUAL Programme, developing inclusive employment through open Human Resources practices
Eurocities Education Policy Working Group
EU Local Development Forum
European Social Inclusion Strategy
SILLNET - Life Long Learning Regions, with Dublin focus on learning systems for prisoners and ex-prisoners
6th Framework Initiative, urban policy development