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Community Sector Employers’ Forum (CSEF)

Building on elements of the Equal project, and particularly from research and project work associated issues, this initiative is aimed at developing capacities in the community sector, especially the HR capabilities of community sector organisations.

Actions in 2008-10

  • Part-time staff member (Jean Somers) developed applications to Social Partnership, Department of CRGA and other sources for funding to develop the Community Sector Employers Forum (CSEF) and Employers Resource Bureau established under Equal.
  • Funding for the workplan (€38,000) was secured under the Government’s Cohesion Programme for the local development sector in 2008. Long term funding was sought under social partnership through Dept. CRGA (supported by IBEC, ICTU and the Wheel).
  • CSEF was established as stand-alone organisation (co.ltd.) with an elected Board (October 2008). Over 100 member organisations affiliated. CSEF has held meetings with Dept. Finance on the funding of community organisations to meet adequate standards in HR and employment conditions.
  • CSEF established the Employers Resource Bureau which has developed as an online HR advice centre for the community sector, producing a high quality (and much in demand) quarterly online newsletter.