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Employment Data for the Dublin labour market

The need for accurate local data arose from recommendations of the report Solving Long-term Unemployment in Dublin – The Lessons from Policy Innovation (2000). While the Live Register provides useful baseline data and the CSO Household Surveys provide accurate averaged regional data, the Labour Market Policy Group examined the type of information specific to local areas, especially disadvantaged areas, needed to enable effective local planning.

Even aggregated information from available public sources would not give a final and usable database for local planning. Following a pilot research project in Ballymun and its further development in partnership with the Pact (see T. Ronayne, M. Creedon, Networking for Local Employment: How State and Community Agencies should work together to deliver effective Labour Market Programmes - the lessons of Ballymunn), a proposal was developed for the collection of localised data through the CSO for disadvantaged areas and submitted to Government for consideration.

The Pact is pursuing this proposal particularly given the commitments around improving the collection of social data outlined in the 2003 Partnership Agreement Sustaining Progress, Section 5.5.1, p. 62.

Read/ Print Word copy of Local Action requires Local Intelligence: Submission to the CSO - Word document, PDF document