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Dignity EU Project Partners

Dublin Employment Pact
is a networkof state agencies and independentorganisations involved in employment andsocial inclusion projects across the Dublin Region. Contact: Karen Reid: kreid@dublinpact.ie

Immigrant Council of Ireland is a human rights organization and an independent law centre. It advocates for the rights of immigrants and acts as a catalyst for public debate and policy change. Contact: Nusha Yonkova: nusha@immigrantcouncil.ie

Agencia para el Empleo de Madrid and APRAMP, Spain, provide services, including employment and training to men and women trafficked for sexual exploitation. Contact Belén Garcia: garciadb@munimadrid.es , www.munimadrid.es or
Rocio Mora: apramp2003@yahoo.es, www.apramp.org

Glasgow Community & Safety Services, UK, provide services to women in prostitution, including supports to exit prostitution.
Contact: Ann Hamilton:ann.hamilton@glasgow.gov.uk

Klaipeda Social and Psychological Services Centre, Lithuania, provides counselling and accommodation services to victims of trafficking, including women who have been returned home.
Contact: Vytaute Grybauskaite: vytaute.grybauskaite@moteriai.lt

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Dignity EU Project Partners
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