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Scoping the Social Economy in Dublin

F. Donaghan (Fitzpatrick Associates), Study of the Social Economy in Dublin

Baseline study prepared to establish the nature and scope of the social economy sector in Dublin, produced in 2001. Established its extensive nature in delivering community services and providing social infrastructure in disadvantaged communities.

Main activity was in the "demand deficient" area, i.e. where services were not being delivered to communities by the public services or private sector. Less well developed, though with a strong core of activity, was the community business sector.

Recommendations included the need for developing a strong Social Finance and support framework for the sector in Dublin and upskilling practitioners in the sector in delivering maximum efficiencies. These findings gave rise to further activities by the Pact, notably in the production of the Business Planning Workbook for the Social Economy and in working with other partners in producing Social Finance in Ireland.

Read/Download copy of Study of the Social Economy in Dublin - Word document, PDF document