Dublin Employment Pact
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Social Inclusion Policy Networks

Networking Dublin area Partnerships to identify best practices and develop joint local development initiatives and actions. Bringing local development organisations together with relevant local, national and European agencies to secure funding for cross-Dublin social inclusion programmes. Key strategic partners are the partnerships, PLANET, Eurocities, the four Dublin CDBs, Equal networks, EAPN, the MetropolisNet initiative and others. Through these DEP has been involved in national and EU level policy initiatives as well as meetings to develop joint applications for EU funded projects (Interreg, Progress, ESF etc.).

Actions in 2008-10

  • DEP chairs the EAPN Employment Policy Group which meets monthly. It consists of representatives of DEP, EAPN, INOU, Pavee Point, National Women’s Council, One Family, OPEN, Forum of People with Disabilities, ITM, Migrant Rights Centre, Age Action Ireland. It developed a critique of the Irish government’s National Reform Programme. It has met with and presented its position to the joint Oireachtas Committee on Enterprise, Trade and Employment. The group also met with the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment and with the EU DG Employment Irish Desk officials. In addition, DEP Director, as the Chair of EAPN Ireland, met with Social and Family Affairs Minister Mary Hanafin T.D. on social inclusion policy.
  • DEP is an active participant of Eapn. The Director of DEP is currently chairperson of Eapn Ireland.
  • At EU level, the Director of DEP has functioned as chair of the Eapn Employment Task Force (Brussels) since 2008.
  • DEP is an active member of the OECD-LEED Partnership Forum (Vienna).
  • DEP was involved in the NESC “FuturesIreland” project throughout 2008.
  • DEP works closely with Clann Credo (The Social Investment Fund) and the Director of DEP is a member of its Project Evaluation Committee.
  • DEP participates through EAPN in various EU- level policy seminars on European Employment Strategy (European Trade Union Institute, EAPN Employment Task Force etc.).
  • DEP participates in the annual NESF Social Inclusion Forum.
  • DEP participated through EUROCITIES Social Affairs Forum in developing responses to the EU Lisbon Strategy Review.
  • DEP is an active member of PLANET (the Irish Partnerships Network), and of the PLANET Dublin Partnership Managers Forum.
  • A Dublin Partnership Learning Forum has been established, facilitated by DEP. It has organised Dublin-wide learning seminars on local enterprise, the social economy, confronting the unemployment crisis snd other issues.
  • DEP became a founder member of the European Economic Interest Group (EEIG) “MetropolisNet” in October 2008. A company under EU law, it is a metropolitan network linking employment partnerships in London, Berlin, Madrid, Budapest, Paris, Vienna, Rome and elsewhere. It aims to secure EU funding for joint labour market initiatives.
  • DEP has worked with the Polish Centre for Social Dialogue and assisted in training for social partnership structures in Poland. Articles on Irish partnership supplied by DEP have appeared in the Polish press.